Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

EOTC - Student Thoughts & Comments.

One Tuesday we went to Clip n Climb it was so much fun. - Ruby

E.O.T.C week was really fun! My favourite part was going to Clip n Climb.

EOTC week was awesome .The thing I liked the best was Clip and Climb. - Byron

It was really fun going to Clip n Climb, Potters Park and the beach. I really enjoyed climbing at Clip n Climb. Charlotte

I really liked the blind hike it was really confusing. - Finn

I enjoyed going through the tunnels at Northhead -they were very interesting but they were also quite confusing. Gabby

It was fun when we went to clip n climb we didn’t need parents to help only to check.

Potters Park was fun we had lunch then did a work sheet. We had to run around a lot, it was great. Then we went to the beach and did sand sculptures. It was fun and exciting. Georgia

On Wednesday the really fun bit was making the damper. James B

Tuesday was my favourite I really enjoyed building the sand sculptures. Cosmo

It was really fun doing clip n climb, Potters Park and the beach. I really enjoyed climbing at clip n climb . It was cool eating lunch at the beach and making the sand sculptures, but clip n climb was so so cool. I wish we could have stayed longer. By Grace

EOTC was really cool. I hope we can do it again next year. Hugo

I’ve got to say EOTC was cool, but I liked Clip and Climb the best. Jack

I like the Clip and Climb because it was fun. James M

I like Clip ‘n’ Climb because it was fun. Jono

EOTC was really fun. My favourite days were Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday because I really like to climb, find stuff around the place and build stuff in the sand. (We made a living room.) Wednesday because we did five cool as thing and because I was the leader. Kate

I really enjoyed the climbing at Clip and Climb. It was fun! - Moli

I really enjoyed climbing at Clip and Climb and I also enjoyed the scavenger hunt. I liked making the sand sculptures as well. Oliver

On Tuesday 31st March we went to Clip ‘n’ Climb. It was so exciting and it was so much fun trying out all the climbing walls. After that we went to Potters Park. Then we went to the beach, we had a sand castle competition. Rhi

My favourite thing for EOTC was Clip and Climb. Riley

The thing I liked the most when we did E.O.T.C was Clip ‘n’ Climb on the Tuesday. Rose

I liked I liked Clip “n” Climb because I like rock climbing and we got a full session of rock climbing. Sam

On Tuesday we went to Clip n Climb, Potters Park and Pt Chevalier Beach, it was great fun! Syd

I liked being at Clip & Climb. I liked climbing up the square wall. Zac

I’ve been to Clip n Climb before so it was ok for me and the Potters Park hunt was also cool. Oscar

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

E.O.T.C Videos - Tuesday

The Year 5's would like to thank all the parent helpers for giving up their own time to help us during our EOTC week. Everybody had a fantastic week and we hope you enjoyed being part of it - THANK YOU!!

This is the first of our photo movies.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Damper Recipe.

I was instructed by a number of students to place this on the blog tonight! I'm guessing they liked the recipe.

Also - A huge THANK YOU to all the parents who helped out today. Without your assisatnce we could only have done half of the activities, which would have been a shame given how much the kids seem to enjoy the day. I/we hope you enjoyed your day with us!

Another name for damper is Takakau (Old Man’s Bread). Traditionally, the Australian swaggie baked damper over an open fire and spread golden syrup over it.
2 ½ cups of flour 2 ½ teaspoons of baking powder 1 ¼ cups of milk

1. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.
2. Add the milk to form firm dough.
3. Knead the dough on a well floured surface for 5 minutes.
4. Roll out into a circle about 1cm thick.
5. Cook on BBQ (with butter) -5 minutes on each side.
(In an oven bake at 200 degrees C for 10 minutes)